Help transition to new software from existing. Need help to implement cloud based software for CRM and project management, called CoreBridge. Budget: $2500-5000 Timeline: 3-6 months


We have nationwide projects involving coordination of some light fabrication, installers, and graphic design. All services are provided by others, but we need project managers to be sure timelines are met and work is done correctly. Budget: $5,000-10,000 Timeline: 1-3...

1016- Matched

We are seeking a front-end software developer to assist with a short-term project on a new website installation. This project is primarily working on polishing and implementing changes to an existing, designed website as well as building limited webpages. Budget:...


My company needs to build out the ability to provide our International clients with a comprehensive ‘go to market’ strategy for launch into US markets. This strategy or “Action Plan” is to include: – In-depth market analysis *Competitive...


On-site filming and editing Budget: $1,000-2,500 Timeline: 2-4 weeks


Joomla CMS work and extension configuration (Community Builder primarily). Might be some PHP modification to core files. Budget: $2,500-5,000 Timeline: 2-4 weeks


Looking for a designer to help develop mockups for a mobile app to help find like minded individuals near you. Budget: $1,000-2,500 Timeline: 1-3 months


Redesigning/re-organizing a web interface for coding lessons. Budget: $100-500 Timeline: 1-2 weeks


Developing a commercial appliance with a 5″ touchscreen and need an experienced UX designer to meet for a couple hours to review screen mockups and make suggestions for improvements to both usability and appearance. Depending on skills, additional UX work and...