My company needs to build out the ability to provide our International clients with a comprehensive ‘go to market’ strategy for launch into US markets.

This strategy or “Action Plan” is to include:
– In-depth market analysis
*Competitive Analysis:
Who are the competitors?
What is their penetration? Geographically?
How are they selling their goods and services?
If existing app/service – ratings/comments?
*What’s the size of the market?
*Identify and define “personas” of potential clients

– Sales and Marketing Plan (Who do we need to reach and how do we reach them?)
– Pricing Strategy
– Pro forma financial projections
– Longer-term support after launch?

Looking for longer term engagements/partners with the intent being to develop a repeatable process that can scale to multiple concurrent clients across disparate verticals.

Budget: Negotiable
Timeline: 1-3 months